Zamuthule School


Our partnership with Zamuthule School has continued year on year with the emphasis on Maths Literacy.
The Grades Four and Five learners meet with Frances Baines’ volunteers on a weekly basis to be challenged in their
Knowledge of foundational principles in Maths. The volunteers focus on familiarity with tables and Maths homework
Where learners are encouraged to understand the principles they are working with rather than only complete their
Homework for the day.
Once again, the learners are assessed using a pre- and post-test to assess whether the intervention has had any
Impact. This year the learners completed the standard test much quicker than at the beginning of the year, indicating
Increased familiarity with the tables and mathematical basics.



Maths Literacy Monitoring and Evaluation:


Mathematical skills

Ability to subtract and add using worksheets – fewer miscalculations
and crossed out answers, and more correct answers than
The same test taken in January.



Add and subtract using an abacus



Much less aid required in calculations



Repeated mathematical mistakes identified and corrected



Worksheets completed in less time



The older children are now able to answer mathematical flash
cards at a faster pace and with ease



The older children find it easy to fill in the mathematical worksheets
(which include addition and subtraction)


When doing Maths with the children at the beginning of the year many of them did not know how to use an abacus and they were unable to answer the sums

As we did more and more Maths, the children learnt how to use
The abacus. The children understand the concrete aspect of
Numbers as a result of understanding the abacus.