Umgeni School Club and President’s Award

Umgeni Hospital Visits: On a weekly basis Mr Themba Radebe and the Grade Eleven girls visit the patients at Umgeni Hospital. The emphasis on this time is to build relationship and enjoy one-on-one quality time with those who attend. Often the girls and patients colour in or play dominoes, both activities lend themselves to exercising motor skills and chatting together. At times, the community have approached us and appealed to us to continue visiting the hospital, since we are the only weekly visitors for some of these patients.

President’s Award: The President’s Award is an opportunity for girls at St Anne’s College to exercise their citizenship responsibly. The award is recognised internationally for people who commit themselves to regular exercise, social service, learning a new skill and going on an adventurous journey and makes awards for three different levels of commitment, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. The time periods for each level are three, six and twelve months respectively. STEPP provides the opportunity for social investment for the President’s Award and monitors the member’s commitment throughout the programme.