Maths Teacher Training


STEPP works to ensure that the learner pass rate Improves year on year in our region. The STEPP Maths consultants partner with teachers from Schools who request training. The training happens On a weekly basis, usually on a Wednesday Afternoon, at St Anne's College. Partner teachers have access to all of the resources at the College as well as the wealth of experience and expertise Of the Maths consultants. In recent years our intervention at Insika has seen their school receive a 100% pass rate for Grade 12 Maths. The teacher who attended our training was moved to another school and so we have begun the same partnership with a new member of staff. While this affects percentage monitoring, it fits perfectly into our policy of sustainable development.

STEPP does not teach learners. To take over the classroom undermines the teacher and in years to come it will be the teacher who remains and not the learners. Once a teacher feels confident in the subject and is receiving consistently good results for the final Grade 12 FET examination as a result of our partnership, it is then that we move into a networking relationship with the Maths department rather than one of training.

In 2013, the Head of Maths has arranged for the Maths Literacy cluster group to attend regular training with STEPP. We are currently arranging for the Core Maths cluster group to do the same and both arrangements have the blessing of the Maths Subject Advisor for the area, Mr Bongani Simelani. Teacher training partnerships were also started in the Lidgetton area this year, while we continued our partnership with Umthoqotho High School.







Teacher capabilities

Teacher has been promoted to schools with larger numbers of
Maths students


Grade 12 FET Core
Maths results

The last Grade 12 class to write FET achieved 100% pass


Grade 11 CASS marks

Learner's marks have improved


Staff commitment

Partner school staff attend STEPP workshops willingly at St Anne's
College, sharing term and year plans, textbooks, materials, tests
and experience



Maths Literacy Cluster Group in Ward One Sweetwaters has
volunteered to join the workshops as a cluster for 2013.



English department of Insika High School want to partner for
development to enable better understanding of the Maths


Government recognition

The Subject advisor for Maths has agreed to the Maths Literacy
and Core Maths cluster groups meeting and training with STEPP for


Maths improvement

Insika High School: 27 of 37 learners passed the trial exam - a 73%
class pass rate. 32 of 37 learners improved on their 2011 year end
marks. There was an 85% improvement in learner pass mark



On average, a learner improved his/her mark by 11% in the 2012



The Maths teacher from Shea O'Connor Combined School
promoted to a teacher training college during the STEPP Maths
training partnership



Invited to speak at student school events


Donation of photocopier

Gives teachers access to teaching resources.