ABET Literacy

STEPP is registered as an ABET Literacy Centre for Levels 1to 4. Level 4 ABET is equivalent to an NQF Level 1
certificate. This year seven support staff members will sit the examinations in November.

Significantly, STEPP was introduced to two teenage girls who are refugees from Rwanda. Access to education is difficult
for them since public schools are only obligated to serve South African citizens. Jenny and Merielle Shafali joined our
ABET program and in one short year they have completed Levels 1 – 3 and they, too, will be sitting the Level 3 exam
in early November. Their commitment to their studies has been an example to many. While we have received many
compliments on their English development this note, stands out for us:

“Everybody [at Home Affairs] is impressed with their improvement in English, because now they don’t need anyone to
interpret! They are able to answer all the questions themselves! We are all forever grateful to all!”

At the beginning of this year, Jenny and Merielle could not speak any English. Our thanks go to all the staff who have
welcomed them into our community:- to Mr Francois Sumbula for tutoring them in the ABET course, Mrs Pat Kanzler
for administering and including them in the ABET mainstream course, Mrs Denbigh Maurer for knitting with them and
leaving them with the gifts of friendship, communication and skills, to those girls who played tennis with them all year
and to Ms Kate Oliver and staff members for the sponsorship of their meals, wool and luxury extras for the year. What a
kind, caring and actively responsible community in which we work.



ABET Literacy monitoring and evaluation:




English Literacy

Levels achieved

Level One ABET IEB national exam by one candidate



Level Two ABET IEB national exam for three candidates



Level Three ABET IEB national exam for three candidates



Level Four ABET IEB national exam for two candidates